Call for Contributors

Zine II: Windows 

The sea/film team are making another ‘zine. Following the publication of our last Shifting Sands zine in January, we’re returning with our latest edition in April 2020. 


So, what is a ‘zine’ exactly? It’s a co-created community DIY magazine. We want to reflect people’s stories and views of what’s going on in Scarborough during these strange times we’re living in. Hopefully, a creative project that will bring communities together through the creation of a magazine that might, in some small way, act as a time capsule for the life we’re living now. 

The theme for our new zine is Windows.


Now more than ever windows have become a key part of our lives. Although at first they may seem like a barrier to the outside world, they can also offer a sense of safety; a space for day-dreaming, experiencing the outdoors, and a way we can safely connect with those who are self-isolating or vulnerable.  


In film windows function in many forms; a device through which an opportunity is suggested, implying a sense of captivity, a threat, a simple framing aid or as a place for observation. 


For this zine we want people to look outwards from their windows and treat them like the screens of cinemas; to capture the everyday frames and views that you are currently experiencing.

What we are looking for:


Idea one: we are looking for submissions of a photo or a drawing/painting of a window, with a small piece of text accompanying it, explaining the view depicted/your thoughts on the view. The text can be in the poetry or prose and may even just be a caption.

Image or set of images + suggested word count 250


Idea two: We're also interested in windows and memories. Do you have a clear memory of a Scarborough window from your childhood? 

Did you always have a favourite view? We are looking for stories, art or images that relate to this theme on the Yorkshire Coast too. 

Image or set of images + suggested word count 250


Idea three: Stranger windows. Is there a building with a strange perspective on our town, or a Yorkshire Coast window onto something that always surprised you or stopped you in your tracks?

Image or set of images + suggested word count 250

This zine will form part of a collective view of the town and the different ways of looking at it, with the aim of exploring the various ways that Scarborough is framed and viewed through more personal narratives. We want this project to be accessible and inclusive so please email us with any questions or suggestions. 


Who can Submit:

We are looking for submissions from different age groups and the various locations around Scarborough and the Yorkshire Coast.



We will be printing this zine, a small strictly ltd print run to arrive in Scarborough independent shops & cafes after lockdown. The zine will mostly be distributed digitally. All contributors receive a free copy, and it will be available to buy on our website too. With all proceeds going to Community Kitchen Scarborough.


How to Submit:

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday April 29th.

Email your questions and submissions to

Shifting Sands Project in the Press

Jan 2020

The Yorkshire Post (L) and Scarborough Review (R)

We Were really pleased to see our event Shifting Sands featured in a number of local and regional papers and radio shows. It really helps get the word out about our work here at sea/film and encourage future audiences to attend our events. We were also featured live on the drive time show of BBC Radio York on 17/1/20, on the night of our final shifting sands event, as well as other local radio Minster FM and Yorkshire Coast Radio.

Zine Call Out

December 2019


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