002: Paradise Lost

When: Wednesday 28th August 2019, 7pm-9pm


sea/film 002 was under the theme of Paradise Lost. We showed a series of short films about strange places, people and a quest for paradise. If you are looking for your own utopia, then where should you look?


Hinterland, Esther Johnson, 2002, (12.00)

A Love Story, Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara, 2016, (7mins)

The Law Of The Sea, Elmaz Ekrem & Dominika Ożyńska, 2018, (4mins)

Benidorm, Raphaelle Tinland, 2017, (14.42)

Fake News Fairy-tale, Kate Stonehill, 2018, (14.02)

Blue Monday (music by New Order), The Duvet Brothers ,1984, (3.41)


Pictures from sea / film: 002