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011: Time and Tide

Feb/March 2021


The sea/film team are back for 2021, working on our next community cinema idea for the Yorkshire Coast. We are exploring time. 

Living through the pandemic, how is our understanding of time changing? The days seem long, but the weeks & months pass quickly. So, how does cinema help us to understand ideas about time and our future? Why is film so vital in capturing a moment in time? And how did people and places from Scarborough’s history help us to think about space & time differently? 


Our project is called Time and Tide vol 1 and is happening in two ways. Firstly, we are putting together an online programme of short films that will feature a mix of documentary, art film and work from local filmmakers that explores some of these big ideas around time. This programme of film will be available online, alongside sea/film words offering a context to create a shared understanding around these films. 

You can now sign up to the event via Eventbrite, it will go live for 48 hours from when the clocks go back on 28th March

For more information and to book: BOOK NOW 

For a social story on how to access the event follow this link: Social Story, How to access the event 

If you’ve got any questions please email the seafilm team on or call Paul on 0751 3121502.

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