sunday shorts: Mothers

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Each Sunday we will be bringing you either a short of series of shorts around a set theme for you to enjoy. We love to champion short film and filmmakers at sea/film and this is where we all started, doing popup short film screenings, so it feels great to get back to our roots.

Hopefully these films over the next weeks, will offer you something new, challenging and exciting. We would love your suggestions of themes or if you are a short filmmaker especially local to Scarborough, we would love to showcase your films!

The first theme we have picked is Mothers and we have a particular bittersweet film to bring to you today. 'My Mother's Eyes' by Jenny Wright, 2019. Wright is a 2D Animation Director, and her work focuses on line and story, in this particular work she uses childhood memory to focus on the themes of motherhood, growing up and loss.


A still from film 'My Mother's Eye'