008:Windows Zine

During the first lockdown - April 2020 our usual way of working, public screenings had to change, so we wanted to do another zine after our first success.

The theme for the zine is Windows.


Now more than ever windows have become a key part of our lives. Although at first they may seem like a barrier to the outside world, they can also offer a sense of safety; a space for day-dreaming, experiencing the outdoors, and a way we can safely connect with those who are self-isolating or vulnerable.  


In film windows function in many forms; a device through which an opportunity is suggested, implying a sense of captivity, a threat, a simple framing aid or as a place for observation. 


For this zine we got people to look outwards from their windows and treat them like the screens of cinemas; to capture the everyday frames and views that they were experiencing during lock-down.

If you would like a copy of the zine email: seafilmscarborough@gmail.com

Proceeds from the sale of the zine went to The Rainbow Centre in Scarborough